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Woodland Football Team
The Woodland football Varsity team is more than just “a team” to most. To man it is a family, like a group of brothers! People can misunderstand how much more than just a sport football can be. Football is one of the most popular sports in America and it is not only known for how close a team bonds but a protection for one another like a brother. Football is also greatly known for the amazing physical contact of the sport. Football is more than just a sport, it’s a way of life because you can learn so much from it such as to keep pushing yourself, and work together as a team.
Many people speak, and spread rumors of how we are not a very good type of role-model to look up too because many believe we are jerks. This however is way off and not true! I will admit none of us are perfect, but then again who is? We are all average students at Woodland high school. Most however are actually motivated to get better grades than most. This is because to even play on the team there are grades we all must have so this is the extra push that helps us achieve such high academic goals. On top of that succeeding in the sport and academically in high school will help us get into college. As a team we go through losses, wins, and practices in the blazing hot sun that’s way harder than most can believe. After two hours of continues hard sweaty work, any man would just want to give up and quit, but we pull together as a team to finish practice strong and conquer the game. Before every home game we have delicious bonding team dinners, and stay close together every day at lunch. The locker room has been the place we’ve had some of the best times, in cheer and dancing, to teammates in tears from defeat. But no matter what the setting is, we go through it together, as a team, a community, and a family. All these experiences bring us close together to accomplish one goal, defeat the opponent