Woman in Politics Essay

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Woman in politics Hello my fellows, now let us begin my topic .My topic today is women in politics. We see much more women nowadays are devoted themselves to the work than before .Under this trend, fewer and fewer jobs are not be taken by women .so there is no exceptions for the politic field. On the big stage of the politics, what characters do women play? And what performance do they show us? Those are the biggest questions concerning the topic when we first read the topic. In the following time, I’m trying to answer the questions which are raised above. When women appeared on the stage, they can choose their characters, to be politicians themselves or to be wives of politicians.
First we may see these women who do play the role of politicians. Before long, one piece of news that Rwanda becomes the first country to elect a majority of women to parliament has really drawn the whole world’s attention. If you search the internet, you can easily find the universal truth that women politicians have being try to break the monopolization of man. From the table now I show you, you can know the proportion of women politicians in all country. Here is a list of famous women politicians. There is no denying that women have done well in this field. They have again proved that women are equal to men. But that doesn’t means that women are fairly treated just as men. I have three reasons to support. Many women politicians have lead to a conflict because of what they wear. The latest one was Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany. She wore a low-cut dress to the opening of the Oslo Opera House. The media's eager focus ‘surprised’. Merkel is not alone in being a high-powered woman with obsessive media attention paid to her appearance. If it is not her clothes, it is often her haircut or makeup. And Hillary has experienced the same situation. Man can show himself as strong and mighty men, during the campaign, but women will need to use a neutral professional suit to hide the characteristics of their women tightly wrapped. Don’t you think it is faire? No! In peoples’ view, the women politicians should have a perfect family. They must play a wonderful role as a wife and as well as a mother. So, women politicians need to do more. They must take good care of her family after they have coped with the difficulties in their country. But if you were a man politician, it seemed you have enough reason to escape the boring housework. Therefore, please, don’t use two judgment systems. Although some women politicians have reached the highest peek of the power in their country, there’s a long journey for people to accept a woman to lead the country, especially in the mainstream of…