Woman In The Workplace Essay

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Women in the Workplace
Antoinette Wanamaker
Instructor Marti
Women in the Workplace
The area of concern for woman working in the workplace would be, woman still earn less money than men. Another important concern is woman who gets sexually harassed at work, which violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Woman are easily targeted I’m interested on this topic because, today woman are independent and can do a job that a man could do such as building, construction, landscaping and cleaning jobs. Woman in the workplace impacts on the quality of life of people impacted by this concern because, it affects the well-being of your mental health, physical health, sexual function, absence of symptoms including pain and fatigue and the ability to perform daily roles. Woman suffers a lot when it comes to the workplace. We need more rights for women in the workplace. It’s not fair to determine whether a woman should do a handy job because, the system think she’s not able or built for the job. For example, a woman goes into the workplace as a Construction worker knowing there is heavy lifting she would have to perform, so they would either fire her or give her another position because, they assume she cannot lift anything heavy, But there are strong woman in the world that work like men that would be able to manage. To stop this concern in the work field, I personally believe the Government shouldn’t allow companies to determine who can work and who can obtain the position. If a woman is applying for a (manly) job and know the entire role that comes with the job, she shouldn’t be questioned about applying for the position. Never judge a book by its cover, you cannot look at someone and consider what suits them or assume a position for them. Woman deserves better rights and shouldn’t be told what to do under any circumstances. As far as, woman being harassed at work, for instance I think woman shouldn’t wear loud perfume because, that can attract both men and woman. Discipline…