Fair Trade Helps 'Free Trade' Work For The Poor

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“Fair trade helps 'free trade' work for the poor” I found this website very interesting because at first I didn't really know what fair trade was. After exploring in depth the website I found that there were a variety of ways this organization gave back to the poor , and it was good knowing that you knew and saw the ways you could be helping out the poor , and improving their lifestyles.

The Five Basic Principles :
1. Enable you , the consumer , to make a difference with your dollar.
2. Help the people and the planet in tandem ( at the same time) so both are healthy and sustained.
3. Provide farmers in developing nations the tools to thrive as international business people.
4. Use a market-based approach that gives farmers fair prices , workers safe conditions and entire communities resources for fair healthy and sustainable lives.
5. Seek to inspire the ride of Conscious Consumer and eliminate exploitation.

The Impact of Fair Trade :
-Protecting the Planet
-Building Businesses.
-Empowering Woman.
-Supporting Education
-Fighting Poverty
-Providing Healthcare

The two areas of impact that I find more important are Empowering Woman and Providing Healthcare. Third-world countries are infected with many diseases and sicknesses , especially in the slums. It also said that fair trade standards require that their farm workers and families have access to doctors , medicine , proper nutrition , vaccinations , and health education. I feel as it it is important to have doctors and people that can help prevent these illnesses to help the rate of death go down. It said that farmers and their families got free healthcare , with healthy workers , more labor gets done and the people are in a safer environment. Overall this is an important impact that makes fair trade possible , its the health of the workers.

I chose was Empowering Woman. Being a woman I know for one fact I do feel minority because men also get better wages , treatment in work places in the United States , but I can't imagine how worse it could be for the woman in these countries. When woman have that thought in their mind that they can do better and succeed in life , instead of being the one who