Women Abused as Children More Likely to Have Children with Autism Essay

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Women Abused as children more likely to have children with autism
Akeshia Mi’Sha Norris
Science Daily
March 20, 2013
Who was involved? Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH)
What happened? Women who experienced physical, emotional, or sexual abuse as children are more likely to have a child with autism than women who were not abused.
When did it happen? It happens every day in every day daily lives. Women, well young ladies grow up with abusing parents or family members. Mother’s exposure to childhood abuse and risk of autism in her children.
They found that it was not just women exposed to the most serious levels of abuse who had higher risk of having a child with autism, but also a large number of women who experienced moderate abuse. These results suggest that childhood abuse is not only very harmful for the person who directly experiences it, but may also increase risk for serious disabilities in the next generation. No women should have to deal with problem. Autism isn’t one of those wide cases it in some cases are rare. mostly women who experienced more moderate levels of abuse were 60% more likely to have a child with autism compared with women who did not experience abuse.
Women who had experienced abuse as children had a higher risk for each of the pregnancy-related risk factors that were examined. Given that these factors accounted for so little of the association between mother's experience of abuse and risk of autism in her children. Smoking while pregnant sometimes triggers autism in children. Childhood abuse is associated with a wide array of health problems in the person who