Women After The Industrial Revolution

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Change over time Essay There was a major impact from the industrial revolution on women. It began in England then spread to the rest of Europe and then the world. Women were first going of their schedule, but then they went off schedules that were set by other people. The industrial life was a big change for everyone, but mostly for women. Before the industrial revolution, women pretty much had the same job as after the revolution, but machinery replace hand power. There were many ways for women without children to earn money. They could have done the following, domestic service, factory work, street-selling, manual labor, agricultural work, mine work, and prostitution. There was less options for women who had children; they could have either piece worked in a home or take in lodgers. The women without children were getting paid more than the women with children. Domestic servants were popular at this time. It was said that one fourth of your income were spent on servants. After the industrial revolution, around the 20th century, 91.5% of English servants and 82.9% of French servants were women. In coal mine, women were told to go in places where the men wouldn’t go into. Women were sent into very tight spaces with water up to their knees. They had to carry coal baskets or pull carts of coal. Even with all these environments the women had to work in, they were only getting paid a third of the men’s wages. New jobs opened up for women over time, but they were jobs that men had, but women were cheaper to pay. People hired them instead. Women started to work in factories and the conditions were horrible. If processing involved water, women were usually wearing damped clothing for serval hours