Women And Work Essay

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Women and the Workplace Women hold jobs in all types of places, the police department, construction, hospitals and schools. When I enter a public school I see mostly women teaching different subjects and only a few men. When it comes to physical education, it is mostly men that are teaching. The principle of public schools is almost always a male; I have not seen a woman principle before. Women have always been viewed as nurturing, patient, calm and trusting. Since I could remember I have always had a female teacher in elementary and middle school, it was not until high school when males were teaching classes. It was very different learning from a male teacher at first because it was something new. When a male entered the room it was kind of intimidating at first, because I had never had a male teacher before. I eventually got used to the male teaching and it was completely normal. In school I always had a male principle, and it would be odd if a female were to be principle. When I think of principles I think of very stern men, who do not mess around and who you do not want to get on the bad side of. I think if a woman were to be principle she would be easy going and would let a lot of things slide. Men are also much more likely to give out punishments rather then women. They also are considered to be the supervisor in the school. Also in schools women are more likely to be the school nurse and librarian. Nurses are very gentle when dealing with children and very attentive to them. They are also always looking for ways to make the sick children feel better quickly, and to make them feel like