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Women Benefited Most from the Prosperity of 1920s

Tim Hu
During the prosperity of 1920s, the continued economic prosperity
, the technology rapid progressed, and people were felt happily because WW1 was ended, people were felt happily. 1
Many people were benefited from 1920s, and women would be the group that benefited most of it. Pending 1920s, there benefited showed by their changed of :dressing, behaviorr and the recognized by the community.2
The dressing of women changed a lot, they got more free of dressing.
They wore clothing more convenient for activity and stopped wearing long skirts and corsets, Short skirts, short hair, noticeable makeup, an fun­loving attitude—represented a new freedom for women.
The old restrictions on dress and behavior were being overthrown. They could highly publicized shortened their skirts, drank illegal alcohol for young women. Womens felt more free than before of their dressing.3
Women could do the tings in their ways during the 1920s. They felt normal for some of their changed and behavior because lots of woman around them were doing the same things . A young woman would attend college only for finding a good husband. Divorce was easier and the number of divorces doubled than before, women could not stay at home just for put up for bad husbands. They could and drank, and they might did something only men had done previously.
They could do the things more in their ways.4


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