Pride And Prejudice Research Paper

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Carlos David Covarrubias



27 November 2014

Most people think that prejudice was in the past and you don’t see in the present. What they don’t know is that it happens all around us we just don’t see it or notice it. This is a problem for a long time.

We human being is one of the worst judges. We judge people just by a glimpse of their faces in a 33 milliseconds. I saw this in a video on YouTube called we’re bad judges, better teachers, and videogames are pretty good for us by the channel names SciShow. So now people say that we don’t do this, but we do especially women. How come men at times think of women as weak human beings and can’t do what men do and that they are too fragile for “manly” work. That is a form of prejudice it’s not just a thing of the past it has happen for years. It also a dangerous thing if it is shared among friends In a book Pride and Prejudice there is a big form of prejudice that is all through the book this involves in the social classes. In the late 18 century the most people in high social classes like Mr. Darcy thought of the lower class as nothing and that it should stay that way. Many people in high social classes thought this in this time period.

Being prejudice means to make quick decisions about someone without any thought. This is a very dangerous when your thoughts are shared with other people. It does not hurt just the person both physically but also mentally. Now ones the people know the truth about the person then you prejudice that you share backfires on you and then you are the one who gets injured. This