Women earn less then men Essay

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Throughout history change has played a major role in human society, new ideas, advancements and beliefs modifying the way humans interact and proceed with their daily lives. Ordinarily, change is a beneficial advantage that is a part of the world; however there are certain situations where change is delayed or rather avoided. One can refer to the subject of gender discrimination jobwise, more to the point differences in wage for men and women in similar jobs. Women have always been undermined throughout history, having to fight for their rights; from the Women’s Rights movement to the Suffragist movement. Employers tend to downgrade women by giving job promotions to inexperienced males as compared to women who are overqualified for their job; gender discrimination shouldn’t play a role in determining job positions. Women should be able to earn as much as men; the president of the United States supports this assisting women legally, women work as hard as men or harder and women earn only about 77 cents of every dollar men make.
Women have been fighting for their equal wage rights for several decades, hoping to make a statement. However they have not always been successful; the Equal Pay Act of 1963 signed by President Kennedy was supposed to guarantee equal wage for men and women who performed jobs that required the same skills or jobs with similar titles. However over time it has been forgotten by many individuals, particularly male, who have forgotten about Kennedy’s efforts and what he had hoped to accomplish. 46 years later the current president, President Obama, aided a woman named Lily Ledbetter in her cause. Ledbetter was an average woman in America’s society; overqualified, faced gender discrimination and suffered wage differences from men who occupied a job equal to hers or lower. Until she had enough and decided to file a lawsuit against her employers, her case had made it all the way to the Supreme Court; disappointingly they had turned her down saying that she had filed the lawsuit too late. Despite being turned down, Mrs. Ledbetter was determined and wasn’t going to give in just yet, through advertisements, parades and meetings she eventually proposed a new law. Without a moment’s notice, President Barack Obama had signed off on the bill and it is currently a law today, which is known as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. It basically renewed the Equal Pay Act of 1963 but also extended the time limit to file a lawsuit for gender discrimination.
Though many don’t see it, women tend to work as hard or harder than the average man, always being the underdog they would not give a second thought to achieve something great. Hillary Clinton, a hard working woman who always demanded change; she is a former United States Secretary of State, former U.S. Senator from New York and a presidential candidate in 2008. Mrs. Clinton has made headlines everywhere, especially during her time as first lady married to former President Bill Clinton. She has worked hard to strengthen bonds between the United States and several other countries such as China, South Korea and Columbia. As according to Eli Sugarman, author of the article “5 Top Highlights in Hilary Clinton’s Secretary of State Tenture”; ‘ She has traveled more frequently and visited more countries than any of her predecessors; to date, her travels