Women Empowerment Essay

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Women Empowerment As time goes on, the percentage of women in the workforce is consistently growing in society. Apparently, such an issue has significant effects on the society in terms of accepting the idea of gender equality and the level of autonomy experienced by women. With more women in the workforce, the perception of being less capable, less educated, and less productive than man has changed. That is to say, more and more people see women in equal status in the society. Results of more women in the workforce are that they are more independent, need more daycare, and are more educated.
The first result of women being more involved in the workforce is that, they are increasingly becoming more independent. To illustrate, most women nowadays are more focused on getting a degree so that they can support on their own financial needs. In result, some women become less likely to get married or prolong themselves as single, due to the fact that they tend to think that they no longer need men in their lives because they are already capable of owning most of their needs, such as house, a car, and a dependable bank account.
However, there are definite downsides to mothers who are working. This causes the next result that, mothers working full-time that means they have busier schedules and may be forced to put their children in daycare. As to that, daycare facilities are expensive where struggle can be even worse for poor mothers. Not to mention, mothers will have to spend less time with their children which can also affect their bond with each other. Be that as it may, this could be a major problem for mothers where they are having difficulty accessing quality care for their children.
Another result of women in the workforce is that, women are increasingly becoming more educated as well. For mothers, they can promote a healthier