Women: Gender and State-licensed Auto Mechanic Essay

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Stereotype- a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group (Dictionary). Gender stereotypes, as well as many other stereotypes, possess falseness and are not always correct. Not only do gender stereotypes contain false assumptions, but can have lasting impacts of those who are mistakenly accused. Most woman are considered masculine if they choose a career that does not have anything to do with catering to a man’s needs. Women are often seen as fragile and helpless, when in reality most are completely independent and strong-willed. Most women are good nurturers but can also do whatever men can do as well. Throughout history and our society today, women have often been seen as less dominate than men. Women are not as smart as men. They are not safe drivers. They are weaker. Women make better nurturers, men make better mechanics. All of these negative stereotypes degrade a woman’s identity and pride. Many societal views placed on women such as occupational roles and their display in the media all express false accusations. One distinct component of negative stereotypes is women and their jobs. While careers like surgeon, doctor and mechanic are referred as masculine, other jobs such as school teacher, nurse and secretary pose a sense of feminism. “Angela Matina, a state-licensed auto mechanic, filed a $500,000 civil suit in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia charging former managers and co- workers with sexual harassment and claiming that she was fired because she has a woman.” Society has placed many prejudices towards the way we see careers as