Essay on Women in Combat

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Even though The military feels that putting women in serious combat positions endangers the women as well as their fellow male soldiers because of a man's natural instinct to defend a woman in danger and because they feel women don't have the physical and mental capacity to endure the same kind of experience, I believe since women are allowed to serve in the Armed Forces they should be allowed access to ALL available opportunities in which to serve. Women are given the same opportunities as men to serve in law enforcement, criminal justice and the military and although all those career positions have their risks of danger, more and more women continue to pursue these career fields without concern or fear that they’re not as capable as their male counterparts while also being willing to take on those risks. I myself enlisted in the United States Army at the young age of 17 years old back in 1998 and I experienced firsthand the intense training required of a soldier to be. If you review the link that follows you will see exactly what one goes through to become a soldier in the United States Army during their Basic Combat Training. ( There are many women out there who feel that they are physically as capable as a man of extreme endurance such as is required to be a successful soldier in the military. During my enlistment I met some women during our first weeks of Reception Training that were going to Airborne Training from Reception and I was mesmerized that women even had that privilege much less a desire to risk life and limb in that manner! Then I realized that if they feel they have the drive and strength then why shouldn’t they have that opportunity? Women have been legally able to serve in the military since 1916 and many women have been very valuable in their service to our country. Although women even then were limited in their roles, I’m sure that some women wanted to serve in more serious roles just as the men served and prove their might. In my opinion, women are truly exemplary in their abilities to adapt to ever-changing life situations from employment to pursuing a higher education and even to raising children. Why then wouldn’t we be able to carry a weapon and train as a man does to enter a combat zone and defend freedoms entitled to all citizens’ man and woman alike?
Having trained cooperatively alongside men for six weeks with the M16-A2 weapon and learning all the skills necessary to survive as a soldier, I saw many a female soldier take the training just as well as any man could and knowing that there are strong women out there capable of this undertaking, I’d like to see women given