Women in Consulting Essay

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‘Balancing Competence with Consciousness’

There are very few women who are capable of becoming leaders for big companies and in turn leaders of the world. Rosmaire Barbeau’s experience enlightened me of what it is like to be a highly powerful woman. In even the most developed countries, majority of the time, the woman is inferior to her working male counterparts. For that reason, the high-ranking officials of a country or of a large and influential company are usually men. It is common belief in many countries around the world that a woman is less reliable and will be in capable of making good decisions as a professional with authority. If a woman wants to attempt a “man’s job “, she must display extraordinary self-confidence and prove that she has the experience to qualify her for such a job. In our lifetimes, almost all of us will be given the opportunity to work internationally where the cultures and customs are very different than what we are accustomed to. In other parts of the world, generally occidental countries, women play triple roles: that of a mother, of a spouse, and a professional. The biggest issue they face is to find the balance between the three and to exceed in each of those areas. According to Barbeau, it is an issue one can only solve with experience. From her experiences I learned that “there is no dichotomy between private and personal lives and that both constitute our personality and contribute to who we are”. Personally speaking, I usually am told to keep the two parts separate of each other but it is true that they compliment each other. The two combined provide people with a better way to understand others and come to solutions on issues in a more efficient manner. This is so because everything is based on