Women in Pro Sports Essay

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“I swim like a girl, throw like a girl, and wake up like a girl because I am a girl. There is nothing to be ashamed of,” said a teenager in
#LikeAGirl Video
. She states that no matter what she does, sports or life wise, she will always be a girl. In other words, girls should be able to play boys’ sports.
Numerous people will debate that it very dangerous for girls to play boys’ sports. Many girls have proven the ability to go against boys at a very high level. For example, Jennifer
Welter, 5’2 125 lbs running back for an indoor football team, took a hard hits from a 260 lbs male linebacker. She took hits that made the crowd go “ohh­ahh.” After those hard hits she got back up and asked the linebacker, “is that all you got?” Take your opinion and throw it out the window because girls have the ability to compete with boys.
Some will also argue that girls will have to have limited races. Anything longer than
880 yards (half of a mile) will be considered bad for several reasons. Running longer than 880 yards is said to cause health problems and may be danger to future reproductive capabilities.
This statement; however, is incorrect. Joan Beniot, won the first Olympic Marathon and gave birth to two girls whom are very healthy. Another long distance female runner, Paula Raacliffe, current world record holder for a marathon, is healthy with two healthy children also. No health problems nor danger with her reproduction.
Here’s the fact: girls can be a competitor with boys. More than 100,000 girls participate in sports that were one “boys only.” Girls are stealing bases, running the football, even blocking hockey shots. For…