Women in the Art Interview Essay

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Women in the Art Interview
Casandra Trantas
Interviewed: Sophia Swanson, Kutztown University:Class of 2018

For this interview of a woman artist I choose to interview my friend, Sophia Swanson. Sophia is a very talented artist I admire, I see the time and effort she puts forth to each art work she performs. If I ever need to find her I always check Sheridan.
Sophia is a freshman, here at Kutztown University. Sophia is a Communications Design major, she plans to graduate Kutztown with minors in; graphic design and illustrator.
Sophia constructs a lot of her art on computer programs. She uses Illustrator and Photoshop. The images she designs are two and three dimensional figures. At Kutztown, Sophia has taken several art courses, she has taken; drawing, 2D, drawing 2, art history, and history of graphic design. Besides her work on the computers, Sophia constructed a shoe made out of wire, and various other art projects. With her major she plans to later be involved in the fashion industry, as her future career. Sophia also considers the option of becoming a music album designer or even graphics. Sophia reminds me of Ellen Lupton, being Ellen did graphic designs, thinking with type, similar to what Sophia has done in class. Sophia’s interest in art has always been shown, but it wasn’t till freshman year in high school she decided she wanted a later career in art. She started out with more of a fine art interest, but later realized graphic designs would offer her a better income and career option. The computer aspect of art really opened her eyes and continues to show her talent. The idea of working with fashion influenced Sophia because of her favorite graphic design artist, who was co. founder of OBEY. The artist was Blanda Eggenschwiller who still greatly inspires Sophia. Sophia Admires Blanda for her form of art and her experience as a woman artist. Blanda Eggenschwiller started her art education in Switzerland and later finished her education in the United States, in New York, School of Visual Arts. From the view of women in art, Sophia declared that her work is much admired. I talked to Sophia about how in earlier ages, Blanda may have had a hard time. Sophia agreed women have grown overtime being acknowledged for their artwork. Blanda is also the art director of the New York Times. She is currently in her late 20’s.
Although over time gender has impacted art less, Sophia does feel a need to look “girly” when conveying art. When Sophia told me this, I immediately related back to “When Everything Changed”, in the book the way women were allowed to dress during that time was strict. The idea that you had to always look “girly”, it is crazy how back in time women were not allowed to even wear pants, it was not considered acceptable (Collins 28). She feels being a female she needs to show “feminine stereotypes” in her work. She also feels she sometimes has to be a perfectionist, which is a characteristic many women are known for. The reason she claims to be a perfectionist is because she really values art and is important for her work to be her best. Although Sophia does find herself aimlessly doodling during the day, she always has the urge to create art. Sophia uses her artistic talent every day in all aspects, she notices colors and styles. Sophia says color pops out to her, she finds herself noticing the display of colors; example: complementary colors.
In the art field, Sophia notices that most majors at Kutztown University are actually females. From the novel “When Everything