Essay about Women in the Media

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In the media Black women are portrayed as ignorant, uneducated, poor, impatient, and poorly dressed. In the movies such as The Diary of an Angry Black Woman, Monsters Ball, Daddy’s Little Girls, and Why did I get Married, Black women are portrayed as women who are not independent, ignorant and angry all the time. From my experience all Black women are not like this and their portrayal in the media does not help to change the way other ethnic groups view them.
Due to many ethnic groups only befriending others like them, there are a lot of misconceptions about women of color. Most people on non- black decent think that Black women are angry, rude, uneducated, gold diggers, and lazy. In the article Maid to Order in our book Global Women you can see that women of color were often the housekeepers for white women and were treated very poorly. The example in the book where a young white toddler points to a black toddler and calls them a “baby maid” shows how other groups of people stereotype Black women based on the way they were raised or the things that they have seen from their parents and or TV.
White women are viewed very different in comparison to women of Color because White women are seen to be superior and the fight for equality was different on both sides. White women had freedom where Black women did not. White women are less likely to suffer from being oppressed and suffer from racism and Black women are not. In the media White women are often depicted as women…