Essay on Women in War

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Thousands of people all over the world had to go through consolidated and struggling hardships as World War Two began. After a huge portion of men left to go fight in the front lines, many families were mutilated, as their men left to go battle and never returned back home after World War Two was finished. Considering the bombing that started in the city, kids from all over the nation were sent out to go and live with foreigners to stay safe and protected. The customary lives of many citizens were being broken up as their families were being forced to split up in order to stay cherished and ensconced. And as these terrors continued to get worse throughout time the only one beneficial thing to come out of this would help change the life of women forever. That would be that women roles would finally be surfaced out and emerge, and change from ordinary house - mothering jobs that the women were accustomed to, into new improving and uncustomary jobs that would change the role of woman's lives for the rest of civilization to come. The first major change that happened would be that after the men left to fight, there was a huge unfilled gap of unwaged jobs that were left available and obtainable, as not enough men were there to fill up the jobs. And as time went on, these jobs began becoming mandatory to fill in as the economy and nation began losing lots of currency and wealth. Thus, opening up great opportunities for women to swoop in and take over the vacant jobs that were left open by men. The women began their new jobs as volunteers, buts as more pressure began building up on the economy the need for women to start working and taking over the on hand jobs began growing and it became a necessity for women to start working actual jobs and getting paid for

their labour. In the mid- years of the war healthy women under the age of forty were forced to start working in spite of the war effort. This gave them woman a new sense of confidence as they soon were allowed to start working every job with men by their side. They were given the jobs of engineers and mechanics back at home. But in the actual war the women were finally given more jobs rather than just being nurses and were finally allowed to start driving tanks, working in munitions factories were they would built: bombs, air raid wardens and aircraft parts. Furthermore they were also allowed the opportunity to become members in diverse voluntary jobs and wok in the fire service. This allowed many services and unions start to open up for women were they were finally given their basic rights and freedoms and would soon change their lives forever in the future to come. One of the organizations that were started was the Women’s Land Army, which was created in order to keep farms open and running in order to provide food; this was essential in the war as their food was already limited. Another one of the unions that was released was the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS), which documented the requirement to have women in the war in order to release the men for vigorous service. This then allowed the Women’s Auxiliary Air force (WAAF) to follow, which gave women the right to build and fly airplanes throughout the war. All these organizations finally allowed women to feel unworthless, as they did not just have to watch their men go off to war and actually do something that would make a great contribution and effort to war. This changed the way women lived and finally allowed men to realize that women are capable of doing anything if they try.
The first Union that was started back at home was the Women’s Land Army, also known as the WLA. This union was started after the large amount of men left the country to go fight in

the war. And since there was a shortage in labour jobs on the farm and land, it became a necessity to quickly fill up these positions because of the lack of food. This opened up opportunities for women, as they were now required to take over these…