Women/Male Communication Differ Essay

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I believe men and women do have different ways of communication. The way women and males are grown up has an impact on that as well. But if we are talking about majority of women and males their ways of commutation do differ, the difference is their use of language or body language. We start with women for intense; women tend to communicate in a form of connecting relationships. Most women will listen to other what other people have to say, they are less looking for answers but looking for someone to relate to or just someone to listen to them. Women also tend to talk a lot more than males do, expressing on how they feel in more words that are more compassionate. What I have noticed is women tend to ask questions to try and understand what someone has to say. When women talk they tend to use a lot more eye contact, use of touching, or straighter body posture.
Males for instance; tend to communicate in the way of their status or boldness. Most men when an issue is brought up are more direct with an answer rather than with questions of trying to understand. When males communicate they tend to use a lot less words often having to be right lacking the more emphasized way a woman tries to communicate. Males tend to not want to lose their boldness or status when talk therefore is less likely to apologize when wrong. When males are communicating they use more of a relaxed lay back appearance. For males their high ego is really all that they see they have. Without that males tend