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Elina Manandhar
COMM 350
This critical paper will examine the 2008 Farah Khan movie Om Shanti Om. It is a high-budget Bollywood drama, which takes place in the 1960’s and 2008. The movie revolves around the lives of Om and Shanti, the main characters. Om is a middle class man struggling to be a movie actor. His life revolves around a very beautiful movie actress, Shanti. Both of them are murdered and Om is reincarnated. Om struggles to find stardom, love and revenge for his past life.
Om Shanti Om is a compelling text to analyze because it stars one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema, Shahrukh Khan and also became one of the highest grossing movies of 2007 in India (Om Shanti Om (film), Wiki). It earned $14.45 million in India alone and $27.12 million dollars overseas (Om Shanti Om (film), Wiki). It also won 27 awards in 2008 in India and overseas making it one of the most award winning Indian movies (Om Shanti Om (film), Wiki). It was also nominated for more than 50 awards in 2008 (Om Shanti Om (film), Wiki). This paper will examine the aesthetic elements of colors of the costumes and relate scenes, lighting, and sounds in the film. These aesthetic artistic foundations convey emotive elements and help to create a clearer understanding of the story.
Literature Review
Well, you could say that about most any aesthetic…Colors create an emotional response in viewers (Silverblatt, Finan, Ferry p. 258). Different colors have different meanings; most of the time bright colors indicate happiness and dark colors indicate sadness. These colors play a vital role in setting the mood of the scene in a film. In the movie, Lord of the Rings, darker colors like black, red and dark blue are used by evil characters and also during fight scenes between good and evil?. Color helps to differentiate the different aspects of the movie have no idea what this means and also the quality of the characters in the movie. You sometimes write in broad generalities with circular reasoning. In the yellow highlighted sentence is a good example. It’s like saying “The color blue is one the bluest shades in a color scheme.” You’re not really telling me anything other than “there is a color called blue.” To which I would respond: “and so?” The highlighted area in green is better in that colors can help us separate what we consider ‘good’ and ‘bad’…but you’ve also stated that point in an earlier sentence, so you don’t need it here. Instead, why not use that sentence to explain what other colors reference, such as purple for royalty and green and brown as “earthy” colors.
Lighting is Fluff – slightly restated in next sentence equally important in setting the mood of the scene. Bright lightings evoke feelings of happiness and joy whereas dark lighting evokes feelings of fear and tension in a scene According to Silverblatt et.al, (2009, 261), “Characters who are “in the light” attract our attention and are presumed to be the most important characters in the frame.”Lights are also used to highlight the important scenes of a story. How? Provide an example
Sound is another essential part of effective cinematic communication. There are three different forms of sound which are presented as