Women Serving Combat Positions in the Military Essay

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Women Serving Combat Positions in the Military

For hundreds of years, American women and women all around the world have had to work twice as hard as men just to prove that they are not made of sugar paper and can stand up to anything a man can do. Only in the last one hundred years have American women started receiving some of the well-deserved rights that men have taken advantage of all throughout history. Although women in America are lucky enough to live in a nation where equality is one of our most important morals, they have been denied one of the greatest honors one can do for her country; stand side by side and defend their country in combat. People sailed to America back in the 1600’s to escape the overcrowded cities of Europe and to have freedom, since Americas beginning one of the main morals was equality and by denying women to serve in combat that is going against our beliefs. By allowing women to serve in combat the problem of sexual assault in the military could potentially go down, and finally war tactics have changed drastically starting back in Vietnam to a more tactical approach and computers are used more than ever instead of physical labor. Everyone should have the opportunity to serve their country however they chose and if a woman wants to serve in ground combat, it should be determined by her physical ability, not denied because she was born a woman. One reason why women should be allowed to fight in combat next to men is because one of the biggest morals America stands up for is equality to every race and sex. The American constitution states that everyone was created equal and amendments have been made giving women the same rights as men. By denying women the chance to serve their country in combat that is going against our morals and against everything the American idea stands for. Another reason women should be allowed in combat is it would greatly decrease the amount of sexual assault that is happening in the military today. Currently, military women are constantly being harassed and sexually assaulted due to the fact that they are not taken seriously by the men they work with. According to Cindy McNally, retired Chief Master Sgt. And a victim of sexual assault, “ placing women in combat roles would help equalize the services and actually cut down on assaults”(ABC News). By allowing women on the battle field they will earn the respect of men and if anything they will have the training to stand up for themselves and maybe set an example to any man who tries to mess with a woman again that women can defend themselves.
One final reason women should be allowed to serve in combat next to men is because war tactics have totally…