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Why are women always doing the work? The poem “Women Work” is all about the different tasks the speaker has to complete. “Over heard in the Country Sligo”, tells about a woman who married, and moved to a farm only to get there and do all of the chores. Both poems are very similar. The speakers have many endless chores they would rather not do. They’d rather be at their getaways relaxing, not stressing about all the work they have. A difference in the poems would be the types of getaways that they both would like to be at. “Women Work” starts out very stressful, because you are wondering how she will ever finish all of her chores. Soon the speaker explains she has the baby to dry, and the company to feed. You can tell she’s rushed. Next the speaker says “fall softly dewdrops and cool my brow again.” She is explaining how nature can give her a break. You can tell she’s very tired from all of her responsibilities. “Overheard in the Country Sligo” starts as a mutual poem. It changes throughout into a dreamy and gloomy poem. The speaker gets married then her and her spouse move to a farm. This is nothing like she dreamed it would be. “I had thought I would work on Abbey Stage.” Exclaimed the speaker. Instead she has to stay home and finish her long list of chores. She explains in the poem that she can see freedom just behind the gate. Yet she can’t get to it because of her work. Both poems represent women who are longing for a different life. They have