Women in Business Essay

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The business world today is competitive. It's full of fierce, educated, and motivated people. For some people it's tough to rise to the top and for some people it comes much easier. It's not always about hard work! One might ask for a map to the yellow brick road, but few people are ever provided with it. Most people are stuck in an ocean making calculated guesses as to how they can reach land. Which route is the best? How much school is enough? How many certificates of accreditation is enough? How much work experience is enough? All of us ask these questions attempting to navigate our ships in a competitive world were only a few individuals ever get to their targeted career position. How many of those in leadership positions are women? …show more content…
Although there are many steps in place that prevent gender discrimination it is still happening today. Statistically it is proven that gender discrimination occurs by the disparities in pay that women receive. According to an article by catalyst regarding Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment:
"Sexual discrimination can result in: Disparities in women's and men's earnings for equal work. Because many women are equally, if not more, qualified than men, differences in qualifications no longer provide an adequate explanation for why women earn less than men for equal work. With dramatic changes in women's educational qualifications, it is increasingly that clear sex discrimination is a significant contributor to the pay gap-now more than ever before. Research suggests that, were it not for sex discrimination, women would be earning just as much as or more than men."
Women face the tough challenges such as sexual discrimination that affect their ability for financial compensation, as well as the opportunity for growth.
The second challenge that women face is the stereotype that women are not as assertive as men. Being assertive is a common take charge trait a leader should possess. It is generally viewed differently when a man is assertive compared to a women. Society dictates that when a man is being assertive they are naturally being a leader. It is a great trait for a man to have assertiveness, but when