Women's Contributions to Western Heritage Essay examples

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Womens Contributions to Western Heritage

Many women in Western civilization have made a contribution to Western society today. Women such as Elizabeth the First, Catherine the Great, and Theodora. Throughout history, each of these women have left a lasting impression, altering the outcome of Western society. One of the greatest, Theodora, contributed to rights of women in the Byzantine Empire.
When Theodora was 16, she traveled to Alexandria in Egypt, where she adopted Monophysitism. Monophysitism was the belief that Jesus Christ was wholly divine. This conversion inspired her to give up acting and pursue other things such as wool spinning and a much more simple and humble lifestyle. Since she came from such a low place in society, when she reached power, she did everything in her power to create a better future for the women in her Empire. Theodora was one of the first rulers to establish women’s rights. She passed strict laws prohibiting the trafficking of young girls, altered previous divorce laws to better benefit women, and ensured that daughters garnered their share of inheritance. Because of Theodora’s actions for women’s rights, the women of the Byzantine society were much better off than women from many other societies. Another woman who has greatly impacted Western Heritage is Elizabeth the First. Elizabeth the First was a very intelligent woman, which was reflected by a widespread of literacy and art. She encouraged learning, literacy, and education. Elizabeth was a linguist and was fluent in several languages including Latin, German, Spanish, French, and Welsh. Throughout her reign as queen, she watched a massive increase in literacy and impressive advancements in the arts. England greatly prospered under the rule of Queen Elizabeth because she funded commerce and exploration. She repelled attacks from the Spanish and French and then won the Spanish Armada which halted their ambitions against England for an extensive period of time. Lastly, Catherine the Great has