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Helen Keller
Perseverance is when things seem so hopeless but you’re still pushing yourself to go on and determined to never give up. The sacrifice you are willing to make and you’re courageous to take the risk just in the name of success. This is why the story of Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan remains one of the most touching and inspiring story to me – “Keller’s triumph over disability and Sullivan’s selfless devotion to helping Keller fulfill her vast potential.”
Helen Keller was born as a perfectly healthy baby until when she was nineteen months old, she was stricken with an illness that resulted in both blindness and deafness. Her handicaps made her unable to communicate, causing her to become frustrated and resulting in frequent tantrums which often included breaking dishes and even slapping and biting family members. When Helen was seven, after many years and attempts to get help for Helen, help arrived in the form of Anne Sullivan, a young teacher who herself is visually impaired. Anne Sullivan never gave up on her but patiently and lovingly took on the challenge teaching her. When she was 19 years old, Helen Keller had aspirations of going to college. She was a person who didn't allow her physical challenges to deter her dreams. Helen Keller passed the entrance exam and entered Radcliffe College. But school officials told her they couldn't make many special arrangements for her. Either she would find a way to keep up with the other students or she would fail, yet that didn’t stop her from achieving her dreams. Despite her overwhelming odds, Helen Keller graduated with HONORS from one of the top colleges in the world! - making her the first deaf-blind person to attend college.
Education is very essential in life, that whenever you have education no one can take this away from you. If you have education nothing is impossible to be what you wanted to be. Helen Keller describes herself before her education as a ship “without a compass or a sounding-line, and no way of knowing how near the harbor was.” As students, it is impossible to achieve personal success without having a goal, or direction. And we should have the