Women's Rights Proposing Essay

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Modest Women’s Rights Proposing

This is for all the women who are used, but still “useless”. For all the women who are used for the kitchen and cleaning purposes only. For the women who have been told “make me a sandwich”. Women have been put on this earth for better reasons and have been taken advantage of. It is time for us women to step out of the front doors and move into dusty jobs. Us women need to force these men to do as we say. Take charge and do not take no for an answer! We will work in groups as to protect ourselves from the ones that object just as much as we rebel. Keep in mind they will try to stop us and it will be treacherous, but we are women! We are just as ruthless as these so-called men. Who takes care of them when they are ill? Who cooks and cleans for them? We will stand tall and fight! We will move forward with risky propositions and give women a new name!

Men have had this mind set that we are too delicate for certain jobs like hunting, fishing, working, or anything other than taking care of the home. We are much more than washrags and dawn dishwashing liquid! We will rise to the top of the work force ladies! Over the years women have always felt degraded to some men and needed a place to feel their own power and worth. Women would group together and give each other the support they needed. As a nation we need to group together and revolt! We will stand for our rights as men stand for theirs.

Men will fight back as well they do not believe in us but its up to us to give them something to believe in; like the way we care for their children! (Let alone being strong enough to borne them) - like the way we give them a good home to come back to after a long day. We do numerous things to make their lives better and we deserve to push them to make our lives easier. We do all the housework all day they work for hourly shifts and come home to relax. Where is our relaxation? Where is our “thank you” for all that we do? The men will try pushing us down, try to drown us in their sulk words. Will we give in once again? No! Us women will push on and blossom.

In the well-known “Ain’t I a Woman” speech Sojourner Truth brought the spirits of many women up and out of the ditches that the men left them in called a home. Empty and selfless, the women felt and now they feel like rising, above every bear hand that grips the hammer; every sweat drip from the tip of his mean eyebrow. She says. “And ain't I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain't I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man - when I could get it - and bear the lash as well!” She tells women we are more than man can handle, that’s why they bear down on us; degrade our worth! How dare them? I propose a solution. I propose defiance.

Defy their needs! No longer bow down to their needs and wants. If…