Essay about Women's Studies

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enKara Woods
HW 17
WMST 2010
After watching 30 Rock for this assignment, I think that one of the messages it sends about gender is that women are always in a bad mood and snap at people because they are on their period. I think it also says that women can choose to change their appearance for many reasons. One of them is to appear more sexually provocative to men to get attention, and it may not always be good attention. I think that one of the ways it focuses on the male gender is that in the episode the males and even a female talk about boobs a lot. It plays it off that men constantly have boobs and women’s’ sexuality on their mind. For instance, Alec Baldwin’s character did not want to hire the female comedian Abby Flynn until he saw a picture of her baby girl, big boob act. I think the show also goes to show how women tear down other women, but sometimes they do not realize what harm they are causing. For example, Tina Fey’s character wants Abby Flynn to show her real self, so she posts an old video of her onto a website. This seemed like it would make Abby show herself and be real, but it only revealed her identity to her abusive ex-boyfriend. Women can be cruel to other women and do not understand the consequences. This is how society is; it may have been exaggerated in the show, but women can be very selfish, and men can be very sexually driven. I wrote my interpretation of the episode before reading the reviews, and they seemed to match up pretty on point.