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Similarily, in the novel, Blu’s Hanging, 13 year old Ivah is burdened with the roles of her mother when her mother dies of leprosy. She carries out the typical female duties such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and making sure her younger siblings are taken care of. But towards the end of the novel, the author Lois-Ann Yamanaka adds dimension to Ivah because she sends her to a college prep school. This shows depth to the character because even though Ivah does think that she cannot leave her siblings because there would be no one to take care of them, she still ends up going to the school in Honolulu. This represents the advancement of “Asian American” and how getting an education and going to college will give more opportunities to Ivah and also her siblings. If Ivah was back home in Japan, she would most likely have continued on with taking care of her father and siblings and not thought of the idea of continuing on her education.
However, Casey, the daughter of Joseph and Leah, juxtaposed Leah. Casey is an independent, outspoken daughter who demands that she be treated equally and respectfully. During the argument with her father, she talked back and yelled at him and was shocked that her father was being so ungrateful and inconsiderate towards her circumstances about having no job when she just recently graduated college. She was ignoring some of her father’s remarks and became overly aggressive and angry towards him. Her father said, “This girl has no respect for me...She’s not…good” (15). Even though Casey was disrespecting her father in