Essay about Womens Inequaility

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Equality for Women in the United States Isn’t it just a miracle to see how far we’ve come as a nation to promote and live out true and even passionate equality between all citizens in the United States? No matter what skin color, or race or gender, we are all equal in the eyes of our fellow man and even in the eyes of the law. Or, are we? Are there still hidden inequalities between us that go unnoticed that we still to this day do not confront? I think that there are. I believe that even to this day we have yet to see women and men as absolute equals. Whether it be a choice in career fields, intelligence, physical abilities, or even in household duties, we still do not treat women as equals in our society. Until we can start making a difference with this problem in our own lives as individuals, the inequality will continue to live on. The belief of inferiority of women may even grow. A strong issue between this is that women in marriages are sometimes not treated so equal as to men in the relationship. For example the distribution of household duties seems to lie with inside work to women and outside work to men. Now this is perfectly fine because in a way it is actually an agreement between the two on which job they would rather do. Women tend to be more neat and careful than men, so perhaps that would explain why women would rather due inside jobs because they would rather get the job done the right way and make things look especially good more so than men would. Now this doesn’t mean that women can’t also do outside work. In fact there isn’t a problem with that at all. There is nothing more that a man can do outside that women can’t. They can push a lawnmower across the yard, they can dig or cut or move just about anything that a man can. And that is why I bring this subject up. Although men and women are still equal I still feel that men should give more respect to women and take the courtesy to do a job that a woman shouldn’t have to be put to do. It’s almost like a, “I know you can do this just as much and probably even better than I can but I would like to do it myself.” To me I feel that this is a line of respect that men should have for women and has nothing to do with physical ability. I would do this act myself because I would want to do it. I would feel honored to go outside and get dirty because I would rather that you didn’t if you didn’t have to. And on that same note I would also feel honored to help out inside the house and do jobs that our society would not see men doing. With this it is also best to respect a woman’s decision that if she wants to help outside then there is not a problem with that at all. What’s wrong with a couple going outside and having fun working together? And what’s wrong with a couple going inside working together? Nothing is wrong with any of that. See the real problem is that we lay out a boundary of duties when really there should be no boundary at all. It should be a team effort between the two to take care of the house and family. This same example goes towards raising children together. Ever hear of the man going to work and the woman staying home, cooking, doing laundry and taking care of the kids? Well that right there shouldn’t be the case at all. Women today are becoming less dependent on men and more independent with their own lives which is in reality a great thing to be happening. Women now have the opportunity to make better decisions for themselves and even their family because they are able to break off from a problem marriage because they can independently take care of themselves and their children as well. There is no longer that tie between a man and a woman that requires her to be loyal to him because he brings in money. Now the two must be loyal to each other because she is just a much of a help to the family as the man. This here is also a great thing to be happening for many reasons. For example, if a marriage isn’t