Women's Role In Nazi Germany Essay

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INTRODUCTION Whether women were superior in the Nazi regime or whether they were a major key to the growth of Germany is debatable according to Harvey and Stibbe. Early scholarships suggest the role women was determined by Hitler and the way life for women is supposed to be. Women are meant to produce more babies and be good housewives and mothers. During 1933 through 1945 Germany went through a lot of changes, including how women were seen in Germany. Historians have seen tremendous changes between how women resisted and how they helped with the growth of Germany. Stibbe was unclear on why women resisted the regime but another historian would suggest it was based on two different things. Majority of women did not resist, and those that did, were not a threat in the eyes of the …show more content…
The party looked at the women influenced resistant groups as nonthreatening. Another debating topic is women authors say women were a vital role in the functionality of Germany. Whereas male authors say women were just another body in Germany to add to the population growth.

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Between his assertion to power in January of 1933 and the death of President Heidelberg in August 1935, Adolf Hitler converted Germany into a totalitarian state. By this time, Germany had been transformed into a totalitarian state; meaning he had control over all aspects of life. Also beginning around 1933, Hitler mad it very clear what the role of women should be. Hitler wanted all women to be the best mothers by raising them and taking care of the home while the men were working. Hitler said beside some special skill some women did have, women should not have to work. Very early on in a woman’s life, she is taught this lifestyle. Along with this particular lifestyle they also learned they were to marry a proper German man at a fairly young age. But at the end of the First World War in 1918, the labor force needed more