Women's Roles In The 1900s

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Have you ever wondered what women were expected to do in the 1900s? An analysis of women’s roles in patriarchal society reveals that women are subordinate to men and are expected to follow these steps without any questions or say so. Women in the 1900s were kept at home to do jobs such as cleaning, watching the children, preparing the meals, and any other obligations of the household. As time went by, women started changing which led to wanting more than being controlled by men. Women felt as if their rights were not equal: this led them to strikes and rebellious acts. Basically, there were two types of roles for women in the 1900s: being a woman who is subservient to male figures or a woman who stands up and fights for her rights of equality.
During the early 1900s, men were the head of the household. In the
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Women were expected to know how to behave, be respectable, and stay loyal to their husband. Women had very few rights in the society. For instance, a woman could not own property. They had a basic education and were treated like lower class citizens. They were offered jobs that pay less than the average man such as unskilled factory hands, servants, or agricultural laborers. Women were mistreated and this made some prefer the basic life of listening and doing whatever a man said. They were not expected to work and get an education which resulted in lower income and being treated horribly. In the 1900s the law took the side of a man most the time. A man was primarily the person who made the money in the household. With a woman that is in the same family is forced to be a wife that says at home and does work because it was a law that if your married only one out of the two could work. With this being a law women would get fired if they had gotten married and their spouse had a job. Some women were forced into this role because their father made them marry whoever he wanted his daughter to