Wonder Women Essay

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Ariza Enriquez
English 95
Prof. Hackleton
3 December 2012

Wonder Women

For many years, the roles of the hero have been mostly male dominated. In recent times, women have stepped up to take the role of the hero whether it is for financial gain or for personal achievement because they have stepped up to take more responsibilities and actions. I agree to the document that I have read, by Aaron Kipnis, for the reason that films and books should create "a new kind of heroic drama" with a different type of hero. Almost every aspect of life today, women have stepped up their part and they have changed the face of society today before certain jobs you would never think about a female being in that role o doing jobs that males have always done the past such doctors, emergency personnals, construction, military, engineering, mechanics, scientists etc. Females don’t play a role in just being stay at home mothers or house wives. As time passed, women have been more independent and have changed their attitudes toward things. They took the part to help many people in need by changing the face of society today. Whether it would be taking a job of a man or their appearance. They are going out there and getting their education for their own benefits. For the being of females working for their own future, most women today are saying, “why do I need a man for?” For instance, in War world 2, women have been pilots when most men were fighting in the war; the women have stepped up to be test pilots while still retaining their feminine and beauty. They’ve been working instead of being stay at home mothers and wives. They say, “Behind every good men is a well-educated women.” Women have now put on a big impact on men’s life because they rescue them from their monsters and demons such as bad habits, addictions, and helped them from their actions that they have been holding onto before they’ve met the women of their dreams. It is a well-known fact that married man live longer. It’s attained that their wife is watching out for them to lead a healthy life, physically and mentally providing companionship and nurturing most of their wild behavior that lead them to bad habits. Such as keeping out of