A Brief Note On Woodstock

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Brandon Hess
Mrs. Countryman
The Woodstock event stood for way more than music. It was pro drugs, anti-war, non-competitive, and individualistic. Woodstock was a sexual revolution. From articles I read online, there was sex everywhere. From public restrooms, to vacant pools, and in the middle of the concert; wild sex was the forefront of this event. From an article I researched, I found out that there was a lot of homosexuality going on. In the article a gay man was more comfortable to show his homosexuality and they called it “free love”. The drug of choice was LSD (Acid), and Marijuana. Surprisingly there was a lot more heroin than one first thinks.
When I first think of Woodstock I think of a place for an escape; an escape from the troubled times of racial wars, crimes, and violent wars. I think when everyone gets together in something unpredictable like this, you really don’t know if it will be a positive or negative outcome. You can only view it after the event, and even after it depends on someone’s consciousness or perspective to say if an event like this was good or bad. For me, I think this event was something like no other. I think it brought people together and let them out of the cage and discover life a different way. Although it had to come out at one of the roughest times in history, it brought out a different side to our society than we ever saw before. Sides were they let music, drugs, and togetherness to fight the tough times they were going through. I think there might be a lot negative sides to Woodstock. I think in a way it has made us who we are today in a small amount. I say this because a lot time’s people want to escape reality or the pressures of this society by partying, emotional eating, and using drugs. I think during the time of Woodstock people were freer to go to a place like this and it wasn’t such a struggle or burden if they went to a place like this and wouldn’t have to argue with parents or keep it