Woodstock, End of an Era Essay

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Woodstock: End of an Era
Deanna D. Daley
Stevens Henager College

This report is about the Woodstock Musical Festival of 1969. It started out as a mere idea amongst friends and newly found colleagues, but quickly and irreversibly spun out of control becoming a nostalgic icon of the 1960s hippie counterculture. It will explore the events of the 1960s that lead up to it, the people that made it possible and an overview of what happened during the festival. Keywords: Hippies, Woodstock, 1969, British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

Woodstock: End of an Era
The hippie counterculture that made up the population that attended the Woodstock Musical Festival of 1969 was mostly made up of that decade’s
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The two straight-suited money men and the two “hippies” formed a partnership they named Woodstock Ventures [ (Mike Evans, 2009) ] and the undertaking of opening a recording studio in Woodstock, by investing in an outdoor concert, soon became an adventure that none of them would ever forget. They named the festival: An Aquarian Exposition, 3 Days of Peace and Music.
The first of many problems they encountered was securing a site for the festival. Their first choice had been Woodstock, New York, but the landowner there, possibly due to the fact that he was unsure of their financial security, backed out.
The second choice was Wallkill, New York. However, the landowner there began to receive death threats against himself and his family from other residents of that town and wanted to back out of the contract. Though he never officially backed out, the co-founders reluctantly decided to move the venue. They had realized that if the residents of Wallkill were unwelcoming then it could not and would not be three days of peace and music.
By the time they were introduced to Max Yasgur, the dairy farmer that rented a 600-plus acre natural bowl-shaped cow pasture to Woodstock Ventures for $55,000, they had a measly thirty days to set-up, build and promote their new site. The day the festival was set to begin they were still building the massive stage, the sound system, ticket