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Assignment 1-BSBHRM506A
Woolworths limited is a major Australian Company with extensive retail interests throughout Australia and New Zealand. Woolworths is the largest food/retail company with well-known brands including Big W, Dick Smiths electronics and Dan Murphy’s. Woolworth’s strong Market capitalisation and sales are a key point in the Company’s growth.
Woolworths is also a company that makes a significant economic contribution with more than 180,000 team members across metropolitan and regional Australia. It has annual contribution to the economy estimated to be in excess of $96 billion dollars and 652,400 full time equivalent jobs, training more apprentices than any other company in Australia.
Woolworths in every state has its own structure, for example State Manager, Assistant Manager and Area managers. South Australia being the smaller state has 5 Area Managers for 85 stores. New South Wales being the larger state, has 16 Area Managers for 270 stores each managing between, 12-22 stores and employs 200 staff or more in each store. Each store is based around this structure to try and give the Store Managers as much assistance to help support their employees and in turn benefits the customers.
To centralize their customers and their HR Management, Woolworths will use other divisions; for example, Big W will use some of the infrastructures from Dan Murphy’s. HR departments in large companies can get enormous amounts of employee inquiries that can take up to 30% of staff time. So Woolworths decided to empower their employees to access their own leave balances, pay slips and personal contact details.
Woolworths with their, “Strong, Trust and Empowerment” strategy are committed to protecting the health, safety and welfare of their employees, customers and contractors. They have implemented a target education program called “Keeping Safety Fresh” that focuses on key risks areas within their stores empowering their employees to take appropriate actions at work and home with the awareness and knowledge of environmental issues. Woolworth’s diverse operations enable them to offer employees a broad range of careers within one company with their commitment to promoting internal talent. A commitment to the consumer is at the heart of everything Woolworths does with an average of 26 million satisfied customers a week and an annual sales target of more than $51 billion.
Woolworths is centred to be, ” Australia’s Most Trusted Chosen Brand”, delivering world class retail to consumers that can only be achieved with the having the best possible teams in place. Woolworth’s strategy’s growth plan and objectives (To be the Australia’s most trusted brand). Woolworths has reassessed many of their processes and are developing on some new and innovative supermarket strategies to revitalize dry and fresh groceries categories, improving wastage and quality.
Woolworths is committed to providing all of their employees to achieve their personal goals and progress their careers. On commencement with Woolworths all new employees are provided with a company induction. On starting a new job with Woolworths the Manager or buddy will guide them through day to day routines and learning company procedures and processes. Woolworths value their employees as they know they play a vital role in the success of all areas of their business, providing programs to support their commitment to serving customers better and insuring safety in the workplace.
Woolworths is a Registered Training Organization and offers employees the chance to gain nationally recognized qualifications from Certificate 111 to Certificate 1V.
To determine staffing needs I would consult Senior Human Resource Management, Senior Management and Department Managers with input from the Human Resource Team members. Calculating staff is a part of Human Resource planning, they focus on organization of a business and required skills to meet business objectives.
Determining staffing needs