Essay on Woolworths

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Semester Project Report
PRT503 Entrepreneurship for Professionals

Executive Summary
This report is about the research on Australian major retailing company, Woolworths Limited. Woolworths Limited is not only available in Australia; Woolworths also has business chain in United State, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong and India (Woolworths_Limited 2009). The successful of Woolworths Limited had been the main focus of this research. There are five parts in this proposal. This first section of this proposal will discuss about the purpose of research and the scope or areas of the research. In the next section, organisation background will be discussed. The understanding of the organisation’s goals and objectives will be the
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PEST analysis technique will be used to discover the factors which can affect the organisation’s business, such as political factor, economic factor, sociocultural factor and technological factor.

1.3 Research Approach
Several research methodologies will be used in this project. The organisation’s data will be gathered, such as organisation structure, history, annual report, financial statement and so forth. This will be either sending request to the management or download from the organisation official website. Plenty of information of the organisation can be found in the public domain. Internet research allows the researcher obtain a large sample which increase statistical power. It also can reduce cost, such as cost of copying, postage and labour. Moreover, information can with no geographical boundaries (Mann and Stewart 2000).

Besides that, Interview will be also conducted with the management. This will enhanced the further understanding of the organisation. Through face to face interview, the research can adapts questions as necessary, clarify doubt and ensure that the responses are properly understood (Kvale 1996). Thus, interview helps the researcher to get the desired results and researcher can easily understand what the management want to tell them about anything. This also helps in qualitative research (Kvale 1996).

In addition, data analysis methodology will be used in