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The Unknown of Children with Autism
Samantha Washington
Sandra Clifton
The Unknown of Children with Autism Three years ago I decided to take a chance and become more involved with my son’s disability. It was overwhelming at first, but then I decided to take this time to get to know my son’s likes, dislikes and other things that interest him. I was not aware of the discoveries of autism or the different characteristics that surrounds the word autism. There are many characteristics of children’s behavior with autism, and over the time period the diagnoses of a child that has a disability can still be unknown. Since autism is undefined “when it comes to” a child that is gifted, smart, unique and full of mystery. I believe it is possible for children to grow out of autism with the help of today’s technology and autism will remain a unique and mysterious disorder. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a term for a group of complex disorders of brain development which includes autistic disorder, Rett disorder, Asperger syndrome, and other disorder that affects the neurological stand point of the brain. Autism is also considered a complex mental and physical disorder. Some find this disorder remarkable and questionable; some find this disorder rare and true but for many of us are still puzzled by its creativity and justifications find it to be a puzzle. Children with autism often show different kinds of behavior whether it is loud outburst or repetitive behavior.
Characteristics of autism Autism is a physical disorder that affects the brain and causes a lifelong illness which involves developmental disability in children. To see a child that cannot speak or communicate verbally but can express themselves through art and physical movement is very interesting. Some may use sign language; some may use technology to verbally communicate or some may use body gestures to express their selves. According to (Geschwind, 2011) “Several dozen ASD susceptibility genes have been identified in the past decade, collectively accounting for 10–20% of ASD cases”. There are different kinds of symptoms that are all related to autism spectrum disorder and can develop on its own such as epilepsy, deafness, blindness, and mental retardation. These symptoms are the reason so many researchers are searching for ways to prevent and treat autism. There are so many questions about autism that go unanswered, which makes this disorder more intriguing and suspenseful. I believe in the years that will come scientists will find a cure for autism and children will grow out of their autistic state. I do have faith that it will be a way to prevent autism with the help of technology and new drugs. Since numerous people are questioning the reasons behind autism, they should direct their attention to how they can better assist the situations that have already occurred by working hard, hands on and fight for the cause. We are all in need of answers and explanations to clear the thoughts and confusions of where autism develops. There are a substantial amount of professors, doctors and clinical therapists that have come up with different methods to assist and determine the level of autism spectrum disorders. It is still unclear to determine the matter of how to fix the situation at hand. After reading numerous books, articles and speaking with certified teachers, therapists and parents, it is clear that boys are more likely to be born with autism than girls (PUBMED, 2013). It is unclear to why it only affects boys and how.
The connections to the puzzle As a mother with a child that is autistic, I’ve experienced firsthand how a seizure can affect a child with autism, this has never happened before or maybe it has and I was not aware of it. Signs that we as parents with children with autism never pay attention too are blank stares that may last up to five minutes