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Key Words
Past, Religion, Search for Approval, Politics, Rape, Oblivious

Past The past is probably the most important factor in the book. The bulk of the story is told from the view of Amir’s past. He explains in the first chapter of the book that his life is defined by the experiences of his past. That statement is proven all the way throughout the book. Without the excerpts of his past, the book would have never been made.
Most of the conflicts in the Kite Runner are stemmed from religion. Amir begins to avoid Hassan because he is Sunni and Amir is Shi’a. The two types of Muslim discussed in the book also cause problems throughout the history of Afghanistan and not just Amir’s lifetime.
Search for Approval Amir is searching for approval throughout the entire book in multiple aspects. The most obvious aspect is from his father. He feels like his dad hates him and blames him for his mom’s death. He also feels like he does not live up to his dad’s expectations. The more subtle aspect of his search is with society. The major decisions he makes in his life are made because he wants to do what he thinks will make society accept him more openly.
Rape is a big part of the book. I’m not sure why it is as prominent as it is or why it occurs on so many occasions in the book. My guess is that it is added to add to the severity of the hostile environment in Afghanistan.

Politics Political views in Afghanistan are what fuel the entire conflict in the book and real…