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Work culture preferences
My work culture preferences results reflected some qualities and preferences that I did not know I possessed. The results revealed that I like demanding jobs with open opportunity for career development, and career advancement with a chance to learn new skills. I was surprised to learn that I like to take risk to try different jobs, or work in different places within my scope of practice. My results emphasized fairness, active promotion of equal rights, justice for all, and the chance to contribute positively to society and make a difference in people’s lives. I work and deal with people daily, many times I see them on their worse moments. I usually use active listening and focus on their problem, I give and receive feedback to assist them better. I verbally respond back to their inquiries or concerns; however verbal communication is not the main channel of communication. I try my best not to show any negative, nonverbal communication. I treat everyone that I assist with respect, fairness and, do my best to help as long as I am following the rules and regulations of the agency.
In our agency we also communicate through correspondence, most of our letters or changes are generated by an automated computer system. The automated system we have has prevented my development in writing communication. I have let the system do the work. I thank University of Phoenix for enlightened me on how terrible and unpleasant my writing communication is. I came to