Work Culture Prefernces Essay

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The work culture preferences match my ideal of a work culture that I feel most comfortable those preferences are Ethical, Teamwork Centered, and Well Resourced.

I’m very ethical when working with people I always hold myself to a higher standard, Teamwork centered is something I enjoy being able to work with difference people and backgrounds to keep an open mind use each other’s ideas to complete a project.

Well –resourced is a must to finish any project without the correct tools or answer is an automatic failure I been part of teams in past situations dealing with not able to complete project on time because of bad information.

The Relationship between effective study habits and techniques is the same by Working in a close-knit team, developing supportive and friendly colleagues can be very effective in study habits by sharing ideas and communicating.

Team setting is the best way to network that others can pass information about classes or any other questions that may arise talking with others that are going through the same experiences is good figure a plan to deal with those issues, a safe, comfortable environment.

My personal ethical perspective that did identify my blind spot is the belief that motive justifies method or overconfidence in process. Which sound like me from time to time I found myself falling for the quick answer and not really worry about the outcome?, strengths are I’m responsible, fair, and make virtuous choices, I’m very careful about doing things that are clear directed and if I make a mistake that I live up to the mistake and take responsibility being fair not having guilt on my mind.

Weaknesses are excuses, expedience when assign a