Ethical Dilemma

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My Ethical Dilemma
LCS 105.50
Prof. Lisa Ursenbach
November 17th, 2013

Workplace Ethics

Without over stepping my boundaries, how do I approach this situation? This is the question that I’m faced with daily. I’ve analyzed, went through backwards, and studied our employee handbook several times, trying to figure out how to speak on the problem without it being called subornation. The owner and several of her employees are totally ignoring the policies, which are clearly in the employee handbook, and she is allowing it. But how do I challenge her and she’s the boss.

I’ve been at the facility that I’m currently at for six months now, and from the start things seemed inappropriate. Teachers leaving there classrooms unattended, cussing when they speak to the children, and the boss herself dating the van driver.

So, about two or three months ago when she relocated the center, a few of my coworkers started to befriend me. And this particular coworker is becoming so comfortable running her mouth that she has started running her mouth telling me all sorts of personal information about other coworkers and our boss. Really not wanting to get caught up in her conversation, I would just look funny at her, or gesture here and there saying oh or oh yea. However, she would still continue to run her mouth.

The known fact is that anyone that has taken or working in any home based or childcare facility in Wisconsin is considered a mandated reporter, and required to report such conditions. Not wanting to get in the middle of the mess that’s going on I tried to look the other way. But it just keeps bothering me so much.

Not being the confrontational type, I tried speaking to my (big mouth) coworker about the issues I’m having and how I should approach speaking to our boss. It is so clear that our boss doesn’t have a problem these conditions, since her staff feels so at ease disrespecting the children and how their conducting their selves in the facility. So, when asked to write this paper on an ethical dilemma, I was to willing to