Work Experience Program: Experience the World of Work Essay

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Work Experience
What do you think of work experience? Well I think it’s a complete waste and I have my reasons, such as wasting a week of school where you can learn a lot more than going to work experience as most of the work you do is jobs that are simply too boring for the actual staff to do so they just dump it on you.
On my work experience I went to Hurtmore golf club and most of the time I was just sitting around waiting to get handed some work most of which was chores that was what my employers didn’t want to do. All 5 days of work was like this and most days I did an hour of work in total while my work went from 9am till 3am so I spent 5 hours doing nothing which after a day or two can become boring to anyone. Also at school you get to be with most of your friends but when you’re at work experience most of the time you will get lucky if even one friend comes along so you are basically alone in work experience when you can be in school doing much more interesting things than a few chores and you can do it with friends which is always 10 times better than without.
Also for work experience you don’t really learn anything that will be useful in your future life and it is more like free labour as you don’t get paid and you are still doing their witty chores that are a lot more boring than fun or interesting. Is that what you want to do? I know I don’t. If I wanted to do free labour or something similar I would work in a sweatshop where at least I have something interesting to do and get paid 1p to do it, but that’s my opinion not yours all I’m doing is expressing my opinion you don’t have to have the same as you am not forcing you to change your mind, I’m not Kim Jong Un, I’m not trying to brainwash you to think the same as me, you can have your own thoughts I don’t mind if you think differently to me, but if you want to recap the pros and cons here they are.
Pros: It helps for you to deal with normal work hours (some don’t, like mine), it helps to decide whether you would like to have that job or not in the future (even though you don’t actually do the job but little chores), and it’s a challenge. Cons: You miss a week of school where you could have been doing challenge week which is a lot more fun than being at work, can become boring especially if all you do is chores, it is a way for businesses to have free labour, you don’t really learn anything useful from it, and why don’t we just have of holidays as we would learn the same as work experience.