Work Hard And Have Fun

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André is an exceptionally well football and track star, he earned a partial scholarship to Georgia Southern University. After a very successful first semester he began to slack off and later went back home after 1 full year on campus. André is originally from New York and moved to Atlanta at the age 15 but still exhibited many of his New York like ways. After a very unsuccessful year at Georgia Southern he later joins Year up Atlanta but is faced with personal issues there as well.
He has been known to have trouble staying focused at school due to partying and alcoholism. After joining Year Up he decides to room with his friend Shawn and their apartment becomes a hang out spot among the Year Up community. André throws a party at his house every Saturday inviting student, alumni, and interns of Year up. Arriving late to school every day Monday causes him to drop down to 100 points among his contract points. André has problems being consistent and staying focused.

Analysis: 1. “Work hard and have fun” André is good at having fun but lacks in areas of working hard. For an example he doesn’t work very hard at arriving to Year up on time after a matter of a few week of being in the program and drops below 100 points. He should focus on getting there on time and seeing the rewards of perfect attendance.
2. How is his behavior aligned with our core values?

Options: 1. André gains an apartment with his friend Shawn. This is great because it exploits independency. Although he has an apartment he is irresponsible because it becomes a distraction. He also is rooming with someone that didn’t complete the program he is trying to complete. I suggest he move back in with his Grandmother to eliminate