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Work Organization
DaJuan Bates
James Welch


The objective for this assignment will be determining how organizational structure impacts the overall efficiency of an organization or business. Using Mc Donald’s, and business outlined in during week three’s presentation; I am tasked as a business consultant. The upper management would like a review, and if needed, a revision to the organization plan that help clarify and resolve issue within. In during so, a new organization chart will have to be composed highlighting structural change, pros and cons comparison of the changes, as well as a brief outline of how these recommendations will help, or if they are even necessary.

Work Organization
Mc Donald’s is a brand that is known worldwide. It operates globally in over 120 countries. Diversity and location is a big part of their in place marketing strategies. Other outside factors that determine their marketing strategy includes, social, economic, and technological change.
Mc Donald’s uses a marketing-mix approach known as the 4 P’s. The four divisions of this mix include product, price, promotion and place. Looking at market research collected in those areas allow Mc Donald’s to understand which products are well received the consumer, the correct price point customers are will to pay, ways/how to advertise, and which restaurants are frequently visited. It is Mc Donald’s belief that< “Accurate research is essential in creating the right marketing mix which will help to win customer loyalty and increase sales”.
Take a look at Mc Donald’s current SWOT analysis for their marketing approach here.
As you can see from the SWOT chart, Mc Donald’s outline their one weakness in this area as time (been around for 50+ years), and one of their key threats as changing life of their customer base. Taking a closer look at the threats highlights the awareness the company has, but from the outside looking in, it would be hard to see any significant change to Mc Donald’s menu or business model.
Marketing advise As a consultant, Mc Donald’s has a sound marketing stratigy in place minus the need for a menu that is geared to the healthier lifestyle. Mc Donald’s is very good at what they do but the future of the consumer will determine the lifespan of not only Mc Donald’s but all fast-food restaurants around the globe. McDonald’s should innovate by creating a fast-food healthy menu.
The Pros, as outlined in the week three assignment would allow them to remarket their brand to those that shy away because of lack of substance in their menu items; thus paving the way for their future success. Cons of such a significant change include extra overhead expenditures, such the housing and preparation of these new menu items.
Customer Service
Customer Service, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of all food service careers. It helps to highlight areas (good and bad) that can be reinforced or restricted. Mc Donald’s recognizes this and uses the information gather from complaints, enquires, and positive feedback to enhance it overall customer service experience. Mc Donald’s states that effectively managing this feedback will deter customer from “customers will vote with their feet and we will lose their business.”
Even though Mc Donald’s teaches a their employee to be highly approachable, it has been determine that only 50 percent of all customer complaints ever go reported. That is allot of people considering the type of revenue Mc Donald’s achieves on a regular basis.
Customer Service Advise As a consultant I believe it is imperative that McDonald’s increase it customer service through feedback. Implementing a performance-themed customer evaluation would greatly enhancing any weak areas in product preparation, and the overall customer experience, plus allowing those employed to receive positive reinforcement on the service they provide. Feedback is always advantageous in