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Workplace Morale at the White House Sub Shop

Michael Nieves
Atlantic Cape Community College
Interpersonal Communication
Assignment: Workplace Morale Research Paper
Due Date: April 29, 2014

Work place moral is important in businesses for various reasons. Whether its good work place morale or bad work place morale, they both impact businesses for the better or worse. A business that employes a group of people must keep in mind that the worker's job satisfaction must be met. This is a major key component for businesses to provide a workplace environment where all employees are content and are able to work without any animosity between co-workers or the business owners. In this paper I will explain how the workplace morale effected the White House Sub Shop in good ways in the past, how the the workplace morale has shot down to an all time low, and how the workplace morale can be restored to create a better workplace environment the way it was 54 years ago. White House Sub Shop opened up back in 1946 and has been a big hit till today. There successful business has attracted people from all around the world due to its choice of bread, cold cuts, meats, and "my personal favorite," the service that customers receive while visiting the famous sub shop. Customers always leave happy and enjoy the experience while waiting for their food. The customers that visit the White House Sub Shop have interpersonal communication with the person making their food and can also have social interaction with the rest of the guys working on the line during the shift. The recipe for the sub shop's success was possible due to all these reasons I stated but also it was mainly possible because of the great workplace morale that existed in the shop amongst all the workers which created a friendly, fun, well communicated atmosphere. This made customers feel welcomed and appreciative and made them either come back or spread the word of the exceptional subs we sold. From movie star actors, singers, comedians, sports stars, you name it we had them all visit. Every famous person that has visited has had their picture taken while dinning so that they can be hung up on the wall which the vast amount covers the surrounding walls. Workers were all part of a family, a family that strived for perfection and customer service because the more money the sub shop owner made the more money each and every employee made as well. The previous owner would take care of everyone for working so hard to manage and sell over 1,000 subs in a single day. In reality, White House Sub Shop would always be jammed packed from opening to closing. All the workers would go into each shift knowing how busy it would be but it didn't bother any of us. We all knew that at the end of the week we would all be compensated in our pays. Most importantly the acknowledgment of how hard the person worked was greatly appreciated by the owner which he personally thanked for the hard work. Employees at the shop were all giving incentives for certain things whether it be bonuses for holidays, extra money to balance out pay or for the revenue brought in, two week paid vacation yearly, free food for us and a percentage off to family members, summer bonuses, and also paid sick days. All these incentives made all the co-workers happy and we all became accustom to being appreciated and acknowledged. The holiday bounces for Christmas were about $200-$300 dollars to the lowest in seniority and up to $1,000 to the highest in seniority. Thanksgiving bonuses were $50-$100 again depending on seniority. The extra money to balance out employees pay wasn't in the form of cents if you got paid 348.00 the boss would pay out $400.00, depending your the revenue accumulated for the business from your involvement (it could be less or more). Summer bonuses were anywhere from $300-$1,000 (depending on seniority) once the summer is over since thats when all workers worked the hardest. For vacation