Work Related Project Analysis Essay

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Work-Related Project Analysis, Part III, Implementation
University of Phoenix
Systems Analysis and Design
October 25, 2010

Work-Related Project Analysis, Part III, Implementation
Mastec Incorporated has been working in the past month on a project designed to reduce time spent on the phone trying to activate receivers. The project is a necessity for the organization and that was reflected in the feasibility report. The design process was also successful and now the organization is ready for implementation. Implementation is a critical step in the system design process, because during this step all the planning comes to life. This paper will discuss the major activities that should be included in the implementation stage.
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A tests are that is separated from the main operational system is necessary to ensure that security is not compromised.
Training is an important element in the success of the implementation phase because through training the employees can learn how to use the system properly. This will have a positive effect on productivity and can also help the organization to overcome any resistance to change from the employees. The organization needs to have a plan for training its employees; the plan starts by identifying who should receive training and what kind of training is needed. Mastec needs to train all of the employees that perform work on the field because they will be the most affected by the implementation of the new system. Supervisors need training as well to provide support when employees find any problem with the system. Timing the training is extremely important, if the training sessions are held too further out; users may have difficulties retaining information. The source of the training is another important consideration; the organization needs to determine if the training will be performed by an outside source or in-house. Mastec has decided to use its own IT personnel to perform the training because they have sufficient experience with the new system.
The support phase is the longest one, it starts once the system has been installed and is fully operational. This phase