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One thing that many people do wrong when they have a to-do list is by thinking certain things are more important when in reality they were not. So make sure that you break down important projects in specific steps so that way you don't miss important things by trying to do everything at once. Not setting personal goals is another thing people tend to do wrong. Setting personal goals helps people strive to getting what they want or finishing certain things. Prioritizing is important to do because it will help you figure out what is more important to do at the time and what can be done later. A great tool to help you with this is the Urgent/Important Matrix which helps you understand what is more important. The big major mistake that a lot of people do is procrastinating. Procrastination will ruin you if you have a lot of tasks on your plate because then you will run out of time to do all your projects. Taking on too much can also put you in a tough place because that might stress you out and overwhelm you and make you not want to do all your tasks. Or maybe you are micromanager which is one someone always wants to take control of things which is good but can also make you take on too many things at once. Always being busy isn't the best thing to do either. It can make you start to stress out and overwhelm yourself. Instead just slow it down a little bit and you will be better. A way many people think can help them jump ahead is if you multitask. In some situations this