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Jessica Penton
Dr. Coney
English Composition 1
8 November 2014
Working at the Veterinary Clinic I have always had a love for animals. My dream was to be able to work with animals one day. Well, my dream became reality the day I volunteered at a veterinary clinic in my hometown called, “The Animal Health Clinic.” I knew there were going to be a few obstacles I would face, but I also knew I could handle it. Working at the veterinary clinic taught me to have responsibility, knowledge, and compassion for animals.
I had a rather important responsibility working at the veterinary clinic. I had to organize and restock several things the doctors and technicians used. If I did not complete a task, I would risk endangering a patient’s life. In addition, on the days I would work as a technician, I had to make sure I did exactly what the doctors told me to do. There were times when I messed up that would cause the doctors to be frustrated with me. This is because I am supposed to make their job easier. These are some things that make having responsibility important while working at the veterinary clinic.
Since I have been working here, I have gained much knowledge about this field of practice. By learning how to give an injection, to place an IV catheter, to be sterile in the surgery room, and to do other useful methods have made me a reliable worker. Often, when emergencies come in, I am light on my feet and quick to think. I have learned the doctors love when you think twice as fast as they do, so they do not have to continue telling you what to do all the time. I have been educated, and have educated others on the different types of flea, tick, heartworm, and parasite preventatives. It is amazing what a little education will do to help people understand the importance of something. Without knowledge,