Working Class In Canadian Society

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The Working Class in Canadian Society
Zoltan Kevsehi
Turorial #1


Over the past 200 years, there is an emergence and existence of the working class in Canada which has initiated the capitalist infrastructure (comprising the wage earners and the entrepreneurs) in Canada and also involving the struggles of the Canadian workers to claim their necessities and distress. Being the most difficult parts of the twentieth century, there had been very few people who had not been affected by the Great Depression. The working class in Canadian Society had been adversely affected during the time of Second World War and had even faced the repercussions of the War. With
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In The Tin Flute, the deteriorating economic conditions of Canada and the necessity of inflaming demand of finance in her family in order to run her family forced the character of Florentine to do the job of a waitress. As the title of Chapter 2 reads, Breadwinning girls and substitute mothers: negotiating family responsibilities, it was mandatory for women to leave the job after marriage. That is the reason, as Katrina points out most of the women were so dutiful that they cancelled or at least postponed their marriages, very well aware of the fact that they cannot work after marriage and also the necessity of the job in their families. It is also to be noted that the men who were supposed to be the ‘financial backbone’ of the family; most of them were unemployed and thus not in the stature to marry. This very picture is depicted in Gabrielle Roy’s The Tin Flute, where Florentine Lacasse has to work as a waitress in a restaurant in order to assist her family. She is very well aware of her responsibilities and so has no plans for marriage even though she no different from any girl of her age who desires for a loving man in her life. She does have a quest for love. But at the same time, due to the harsh realities that she has experienced in her life, she is aware of the fact that only love is not sufficient to lead a comforting life and probably, that is the reason she chooses Jean Levesque, an ambitious machinist electrician as her love mate. It is to be noted that