Working for an Assemblymember Essay

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1) Maintain a consistent open line of communication
a. There is no such thing is too much communication
2) Anticipate issues before they happen
a. Take the time to understand the uniqueness of every situation and know what the Assemblymember most important issues are that day
3) Be a good gatekeeper
a. The Assemblymembers time is extremely limited, it must be used wisely. Know who and what is important and what isn’t.
4) Make the Assemblymember looks good at all times
a. Know who is around, know what the Assemblymember doesn’t know, know when to step in with information
5) Setting up local events
a. Know how to coordinate events in the district and the key organizations/people you need to partner with to get the job done
6) Understand Legislation
a. Know what other Legislators are working on and pieces of new legislation that are being proposed
7) Keep your eyes and hear to the ground
a. The Assemblymember is often times away. He needs someone who can report what is happening on a local level.
8) Make friends
a. Establish partnerships with influential people in the community, let them know that the Assemblymember exists and cares
9) Loyalty
a. There will be many entities that reach out to you, know that your first and foremost obligation is to the Assemblymember
10) This is an around the clock job
a. Know that the Assemblymember may need you at any time of the day or night for emergency legislation preparation, a ride to the airport, etc.
11) Know the exit route for every situation
a. Know when a conversation is going too long and the Assemblymember needs/wants to wrap it up
12) Keep your nose